30 simple and cheap finger foods


30 simple and cheap finger foods

Finger food is one of those very tasty foods that has gained a lot of fans today, and because it is so easy to serve, many people are looking forward to learning how to prepare simple and inexpensive finger food. Before talking about how to prepare 30 foods, you should know that if you are also interested in ordering different foods online, we definitely suggest you to use the services of our website. Among the various services offered to you by our website, we can mention food preparation, corporate food preparation, food preparation for parties and gatherings, and online food ordering, which are offered to you with the highest possible quality and the most appropriate price.

All kinds of hot and cold finger foods


In general, finger food is one of those foods that there are different ways to prepare. Finger foods are categorized into two types, hot and cold. Warm finger foods are usually made in various ways, such as wooden skewers, toasted bread, lavash bread fried in oil, etc., and they taste very good.


You can use different ingredients to make simple and inexpensive food, each of which can have a unique taste and aroma. Cold finger foods include coco sabzi rolls, various pancakes and crepes and foods made with pasta salad, machar.


Among the hot foods, we can mention the most popular foods that are prepared using wooden skewers, such as chicken and meat, fried shrimp, etc.

How to make simple, low-cost finger food


Finger foods can be a good choice and very ideal for parties and gatherings, in addition to being delicious and eye-catching, finger foods are very easy and quick to prepare and can be prepared in advance, and there is no need in the day of the party to spend a lot of time to prepare them and you can enjoy your time With friends to prepare finger food for a party, prepare delicious finger food by preparing and mixing simple ingredients.


Make these foods in two ways. The first method is in the form of different foods such as chicken, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, etc. Use and fry them using wooden skewers and place them in the same way. You can also use seasonal fruits to garnish these finger foods, making your finger food even prettier.

Chicken pasta


It is a perfect finger food for parties and birthday parties. The way to prepare it is as follows: First, cook a chicken breast with onions, salt, pepper and very little turmeric (so that the chicken does not turn yellow) and oil until the water drains completely, until the chicken, carrots, pickles, cucumbers and two green onions are tender. We fill a potato with water and mash it.


In the next step, when the chicken breasts are cooked, we grate them or mix them well, stir them well and put them in a large bowl and add carrots, chopped onions, corn, potatoes, pickled cucumbers, some tarragon leaves and chopped parsley, mix well and add cream cheese and sauce to it in the last stage and let it rest in the fridge for an hour, then chop Toast into slices and put a spoonful of these ingredients on one layer of toast slices. From the bread, put it into cupcake capsules and put it on the tray you want to serve.

The bottom of one chicken


For formal parties, a single chicken technic is usually a luxurious choice. To make a technique for one person, you need small dishes that you can put in the oven or microwave, all the steps and the amount of ingredients to make it include the amount of each measure of rice, a spoon full of condensed yoghurt, egg yolk, chicken and oil mix with the rice and put the cooked chicken with onions, saffron and spices for the middle layer and put it in the oven for 30 minutes.

How to prepare chicken finger food

The way to prepare chicken fingers is as follows: First, you have to cut the chicken breasts into small pieces, season them with salt and pepper, and fry them with olive oil for 3 minutes until they change color, then take the breasts out of the pan.


After that, fry the chopped onions and garlic with a little oil, add cream, cheese and a little salt to them, then add the chicken breasts to this mixture and remove from the heat after 5 minutes. Now you can put this mixture between two toasts and get delicious finger food.

How to make cheap finger food


Finger foods in themselves are very tasty and at the same time cheap foods that you can prepare at the lowest possible cost.

Egg rolls


One of the cheap food preparation methods is how to prepare egg rolls, which can have a unique taste. To make these rolls, you need to cut some bell peppers of different colors into gems and lightly fry them until soft. Next, mix the eggs with a little salt and pepper until well combined.


Pour some oil in the bottom of the non-stick pan and then add the eggs to it. After cooking the egg, we separate it, put it on a plate, add the bell pepper to it, roll it up, and then cut it. Now you have simple, inexpensive, and seriously delicious finger food ready to serve.

 Eggplant Curd Tart


One of the techniques of making finger food in creativity is to serve the food in the shape of fingers, which makes the guests want to eat more food and is easier and cheaper to serve.


To make Mirza Ghasemi and Eggplant Curd Tart, prepare pretzel pancakes for guests and fill the inside of tart bread with Mirza Ghasemi and eggplant curd to spoon size and garnish with hot curd and mint.

Vegetable snack

To prepare a vegetarian snack, sauté the onions and chopped carrots with oil, salt, pepper, turmeric and coriander powder, add 2 cups of water until the carrots are soft and add the cooked onions until soft.

In another pot, we cook the green beans with a little water and after cooking we drain them and sauté them with the other cooked vegetables. In the next step, we sauté the garlic in butter and use the brush to spread it on the toast. We fill it with vegetables, pour pizza cheese on the vegetables, and put it in the oven until the cheese melts and turns golden, and at the time of serving, we decorate it and serve it with red sauce and mustard sauce.

Paneer spinach rata


If you are looking for quick, convenient and cheap food then you should try spinach rata, for its preparation we need croutons, spinach and cream cheese.


The way to prepare spinach and cheese ratatouille is as follows: First, we cook the spinach and fry it with a little oil, add garlic and the desired spices to it, cut the toast and put it in the first layer, put the spinach in the recipe, spread the cream cheese on the third layer, and decorate it with cherry tomatoes

How to prepare cold food


Cold foods are very popular nowadays because they are easy to prepare and you can prepare them in no time. This made many people interested in how to prepare cold finger food.

Sausage ratatouille


How to prepare finger food with toast and sausage You have to separate the toasted parts from the toast, then put the sausage and Gouda cheese on the toast.


After that, you can also cut some olives and tomatoes into rings and put them on your ingredients. Then, we advise you to use a toothpick to keep these ingredients on top of each other to make your finger food more beautiful.

How to prepare the first roll


To make a roulade, cut the French bread in half and roll it on the bread until the bread dough becomes homogeneous, put a layer of mayonnaise, pour the prepared roulade ingredients on the bread, spread it out, wrap the bread and put it in a freezer bag. Put it in the fridge for two hours, after that take the tome out of the fridge Cut it and serve it to the desired dish.

How to make chicken cake


Cook the chicken with spices and onions and grate it, and for the guests, boil the eggs and grate it, grate the salted cucumbers and drain the water from the salted cucumbers well, grate the carrots, chop the chives and parsley and add the ingredients. Mix with pepper, salt, mayonnaise and high-fat yogurt


We take the sides of the toast and put them on the bottom of the dish, pour a layer of ingredients on the toast, smooth it well, pour corn or peas over the ingredients, then put another layer of toasted bread on the ingredients in the same way, continue until the ingredients are finished, cover the dish with cellophane and put it in the refrigerator for an hour, then take it out From the fridge and cover the ingredients with the sauce and add the ingredients you want.

How to prepare finger food


To prepare the finger food, first cook and grate the chicken, then grate the hard-boiled eggs and potatoes. Now mix all these ingredients with cooked peas and corn then add mayonnaise to this mixture and mix them well so that the sauce is completely mixed with your ingredients.


Now the only thing you have to do is put the soy on one layer of the toast and put another layer of the bread on it. You can also use Gouda cheese to garnish these sticks, which will make them tastier and better looking.

How to prepare jumbo shells

One of the delicious warm foods that has many fans today is Jumbo Shells finger food. The way to prepare the jumbo crusty sticks is as follows: Firstly, you have to fry the naagini onion with minced meat, chopped naagini bell pepper, allspice, paste and chopped mushrooms till it is well fried and cooked a little bit. Next, pour the jumbo shells noodles into the water with a little oil and place it on the flame and wait for the water to boil.


At the end, pour your ingredients into each of these noodles and pour some pizza cheese on them and put them in the oven until the pizza cheese is well toasted.

How to prepare beef pools


Beef burek is one of the most popular foods in Turkey, which is also prepared as a finger food for birthday parties, meetings and office events, and it is very tasty and popular. The method of preparing meat burek is very easy and takes very little time. You can prepare for a birthday or evening party.


How to prepare the ingredients inside the pools: In the first step, chop the onion finely or grate it and fry it with a little oil, then add the meat, and after the meat is fried, add turmeric, black pepper and thyme to it. The second step, add the boiled and chopped potatoes with the chopped bell pepper and fry with the dough.

The way to wrap the pork tenderloin


Mix egg whites with yogurt and oil, then spread a sheet of yufka dough on a flat surface and brush a mixture of egg whites and yogurt on it, and put another sheet of paper on top to make the burqa more durable. The second layer again with egg whites and milk, pour a tablespoon of the prepared meat sauce, fold the two sides of the dough in the middle, roll it, mix the egg yolk with saffron well, put it with a brush, and pour a little sesame on it.


You can fry it and you can put it in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes until it is well roasted and you can serve it with all kinds of sauces.

How to prepare puffed shrimp


Puffed shrimp is an exciting option for encouraging kids to eat shrimp and a Christmas finger food that you can serve with hot sauce or tomato sauce. The way to prepare the fluffy shrimp is to first season the shrimp with onion juice, lemon juice, salt and pepper and let it rest in the fridge for an hour.


How to prepare the shrimp dough, mix the flour, salt, yogurt, saffron, eggs and baking powder together, and if the dough is loose, add a little flour to it, and if it is harsh, add to the ingredients of the yogurt until it becomes a homogeneous dough.

Then we take out the marinated shrimps from the onion juice, mix them with this sauce and put them in the refrigerator for half an hour. Then pour the oil into a frying pan and fry until the shrimps float up.

Fried shrimp


To make the fried shrimp, after seasoning the shrimp with garlic, spices and lemon juice, we beat the egg well and dip the shrimp in the egg, then cover it with bread crumbs, preferably if the shrimp is coarse.


Do this twice and put them in the refrigerator and fry them in hot oil 5 minutes before serving them to the guests. Decorate them and serve them with pepper sauce or tomato sauce.

How to prepare Sanbousa


Sanbousa is middle east food that you can make with all kinds of ingredients and vegetables. You can easily prepare it with lavash or machine bread.


Steps to prepare the ingredients inside the Sanbousa: Fry the chopped onions with garlic or garlic powder, then add the meat (you can use soy or a mixture of soy and meat), fry well, add sweet pepper and coriander, add the minced meat, add salt, black and red pepper, and eat a square potato, fry it and add it to the ingredients The meat, and in the last step, add the rub and roast it well


Cut the bread to the desired size, place the ingredients inside, and fold in a triangular shape, turning the edge of the bread inside the last fold so that it does not open while frying. You can fry it in advance and drink it hot 5 minutes before serving.

How to prepare eggplant finger food


To prepare this simple and inexpensive food, we first cut the eggplant into thin slices and put them in salted water and fry them for half an hour and leave them aside, spoon and roll them up, and finally fix them with a toothpick and brown them. Use cherry tomatoes or olives to decorate the toothpick.

Stuffed Grape Leaves


You can also prepare and use Doleh Mo leaves as finger food at your parties. To make this dolema, you need Mo Leaf dolema ingredients i.e. hairy leaves, some minced meat, rice and vegetables needed in dolema. Ingredients of the dolma: coriander, parsley, mint, tarragon), onions, cobs and spices of your choice.


First, the cobs and rice should be cooked in half, then fry the meat well with onions, and at the same time add spices to this mixture. When the meat is grilling, you can also add the cob and rice and stir this mixture well until just mixed together, then wrap it in a sheet of hair and toss it in a mixture of hot rubbed onions, turmeric and pepper.

How to prepare meat rolls


Beef spring roll is one of the most popular hot foods that are used in the production. To prepare these fingers, fry the onions and minced meat with the spices, and finally, adding the paste, you can put it between the yufka dough and fry it, getting a very tasty and beautiful finger food.

Potato balls


First, cook the potato, grate it, add a little butter and salt and let it cool. You can add vegetables, minced meat, chicken, soy or even sausage to the balls


In the first step, fry the onions and fry the peppers and spices with the meat, or shave the chicken and mix it well with the spices, the ingredients inside should not contain a lot of oil, make a hole inside and pour the ingredients inside, pour it with pizza cheese, close it well, make it into a ball shape, Roll it in a beaten egg, roll in breadcrumbs and fry.

Types of finger foods

To prepare a diet food, spread some butter on baguette slices and bake them in the oven. Next, prepare a delicious pesto sauce by combining basil, spinach, walnuts, cheese cubes, milk, garlic and some olive oil in your blender and then add it to the pan and heat this mixture.


Next, slice cooked bell peppers into gems and apply pesto and pepper sauce to your toast and eat them. This finger food is among the best and most suitable for people who want to burn fat. This is finger food with toast that will taste amazing to you.


  •      vegetable ratio
  •      Cheese bruschetta
  •      Mushroom and spinach fingers
  •      Vegetable spring rolls
  •      Canape lips

Design all kinds of food fingers


One very good design solution for finger foods is to try making them in different colors and making them more beautiful that way. Using molds and wooden skewers is another good solution for designing different finger foods, which you should pay special attention to when preparing finger food.


Using colorful vegetables and fruits to decorate different finger foods can also be a very good way to make them more beautiful. We recommend that you try to use several bowls when garnishing your fingers to give your finger foods a better look and feel.

Simple and inexpensive finger food for Christmas

To prepare Christmas finger food, you can use cold foods made from ham, sausage, toast and cheese, and you can make different hot finger foods.

Finger food with lavash bread

To make a finger of lavash bread, first cut the bread into three pieces lengthwise so you can roll them up nicely. Next, place the cooked chicken meat that you have cut into gemstones with thin layers of lettuce inside each portion of the lavash bread and add some hot onions with Gouda cheese.


Then wrap the bread so that the ingredients don't fall out and then start frying these delicious treats that you made using lavash bread.


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