Christmas in different countries


Christmas in different countries

We are slowly approaching the new year and we can feel the cold of winter, the cold that attracts a lot of tourists and many of them are waiting for the winter to experience a pleasant journey, if you want to know how Christmas is like in different countries. 10 Must-See Cities During Christmas is a complete guide.


Now Christmas has become a culture and a ritual and people in every country celebrate these rituals in some way. Rituals involving Santa Claus, Christmas trees and attractive gifts. Symbol like Santa Claus and pine tree are the two main symbols of this celebration.

The effort and movement that takes place for the new year and the arrival of the new year among the people of many countries is always amazing and attractive. Now it is better to introduce you to some countries with different cultures so that you can be more enlightened. As we said, most countries of the world celebrate Christmas, and in some countries this celebration is performed sporadically among many Christian minorities.

Christmas in Poland


In Polish, Christmas is also called God's birthday. In Poland, it is customary to make appletac biscuits and it is distributed as a gift on this day. In Poland, it is their custom that if a guest comes to their home, they put a few extra chairs on the table to achieve personalized hospitality. The celebration of Christmas in Poland starts from December 24th and continues until the end of the 26th, and the 26th day is also declared a public holiday.

Christmas in Brazil

Christmas in Brazil

About the celebration of Christmas in different countries, we can mention Brazil, in this country the Portuguese culture is the most dominant. Perhaps one of the reasons why Brazilians have a culture like the Portuguese is that Brazil was considered a Portuguese colony for many years, and this culture can also be attributed to them.


In this country, like Portugal and Mexico, the famous Nasi Mientos decorations and designs from the birth of Christ (peace be upon him) are placed in the church, or the Shepherds' Ceremony or Os Pastores is held.


In Brazil, people think they should be out on Christmas Eve. For this reason, they make statues of Hazrat Maryam (pbuh) and Hazrat Christ (pbuh) and decorate them with colored lamps so that they can gather outside their homes and in the main squares on the night of Eid and sing happy local songs. The most famous symbol of Christmas in Brazil is the decorated palm tree.

Christmas in England


The English are very religious and sometimes superstitious about Christmas celebrations and rituals. One of these rituals is Christingle. It is a ritual that many people believe in and must perform. The point is that a symbolic object such as a candle is usually placed inside an orange and decorated with a red ribbon and chocolates. The name of this season for the English is called Advent Season, which has a long history, and to attend this celebration, the English believers usually go to one of the famous churches such as Westminster Abbey and perform their rituals there.

Christmas in South Korea


Although Christmas is not a national, national custom of South Korea, many Koreans celebrate these days. Of course, this is a festival that many people celebrate at this time of the year for fun and beauty.


Recently, it has become fashionable for many single people to get together, party, eat in the street, and eat traditional foods such as seaweed soup, kimchi, Korean barbecue, and other foods with their friends.

Christmas in North America

Christmas in North America

It can be said that the Americans are the pioneers of Christmas celebrations, of course there is a difference between the Americans and the Dutch about which one made this celebration the first and chose this celebration as one of their special holidays.


Americans usually celebrate Christmas next to a decorated pine tree. In this celebration, every member of the family buys a gift for each other so that this happiness can be shared between them.


Americans believe that on this day Santa Claus visits all homes with his famous sleigh and deer and eats sweets and chocolates for the New Year.


In the meantime, you can also witness celebrations that have a different form, for example, the use of mistletoe in Christmas decorations, Christmas carols, or Christmas carols.

Christmas in Japan


In Japan, there are usually few Christians, but still Japan has its own mood at the beginning of Christmas. The Japanese are very fond of fried chicken. Most people consider fried chicken to be a festive food, and in this way many restaurants in addition to properly cut fried chicken, roast turkey and chicken and serve it with pink rice.


Despite the fact that Christianity is not very popular in Japan, they believe that only Christmas Day is considered an official holiday for the country. The Japanese also call Santa Claus (SantakurĊsu).

Christmas in Germany

Christmas in Germany

One of the most important stages of Christmas is the special food that Germans eat on this night. In Germany, dishes such as duck, goose, rabbit, or roast meat with potato pancakes and red cabbage are served on these nights.


For dessert, loot is served which is a fruit smoothie coated with nuts and spices and topped with dried fruits and powdered sugar. And, of course, it is best to use some kind of mulled and tamed wine. If you want to travel to Germany at Christmas, remember that you need to get a Schengen visa.

Christmas in the Emirates

Although the UAE is a Muslim country, for many Christian immigrants; This country does some Christmas celebrations. Most Christians are people who live and work in the UAE but who are not UAE nationals. Of course, about 13% of Christians living in this country have their own holidays.


Christmas decorations such as trees and Santa Claus are found in various places such as hotels, shops, and malls. Of course, there is a church in this country and all Christians can have their own customs and beliefs.

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