How to prepare a delicious and different American omelette with a perfect taste


  In this article, we have provided you with the easiest way to prepare an American omelette, dear friends, and we hope that you will enjoy preparing the Franji dish to the fullest.


An American omelette has a unique taste and you can easily prepare this simple dish at home. In the recipe for making an American omelette, eggs, onions, garlic, carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, pizza cheese, oil, pepper, salt, turmeric, and thyme are used. Dear, we will teach you so that you can prepare and drink it easily and in a short period of time.


Omelette is one of the simple and popular dishes that are cooked in different ways in each country, Chinese omelette, Turkish omelette, Russian omelette, and American omelette are different recipes for cooking omelette, and if you are interested in cooking this delicious dish, creating variety, it is better to use the mentioned methods.



  •      Eggs: 4 pcs
  •      Medium onion: one
  •      Garlic: one clove
  •      Half a medium-sized pepper
  •      Medium mushroom: 6 pcs
  •      Pizza cheese: as much as needed
  •      Oil: as necessary
  •      Salt and pepper: as needed
  •      Thyme: as needed


How to make a delicious American omelette at home

To prepare the American omelette, first chop the onion finely, then pour some oil in a suitable pan and fry the chopped onion with a little turmeric and salt.

In the next step of the American omelette recipe, finely chop the garlic and add it to the onions, then add the sweet pepper and chopped mushrooms to the mixture of ingredients and fry the vegetables well, and after the vegetables become soft, add the thyme and thyme, add the pepper and remove the mixture from the heat of the gas.

In the next step, how to make an American omelette, grease the bottom of the pan and break the eggs into a suitable bowl.

Add pepper and salt to them, then stir in the eggs.
Spread the beaten eggs on the bottom of the pan.
After the egg is cooked, pour some pizza cheese on it
We put the vegetables on half an egg and put the rest of the egg on the other side with a spoon and wait another two minutes until the omelette is well cooked and ready to be served.

Learn how to make a great-tasting American omelet

The American omelette is also very tasty and popular, like the Lebanese omelette and the Spanish omelette, and you can prepare it in different ways.

Material needed:


  •      Olive oil or butter: one teaspoon
  •      Big egg: two
  •      Chopped coriander: one soup spoon
  •      Coarse salt: the price of a teaspoon
  •      Fresh sauce: two tablespoons
  •      Spicy cream cheese: half a cup


Recipe :

In the method of preparing this tasty and delicious dish, we put the pan on a low heat, then pour a little oil into it and let the oil heat up, then break the eggs into a bowl and add salt to it and stir with a fork until foam


Now add cream cheese, cilantro and fresh sauce to the eggs, and then pour the resulting mixture into the pan and simmer for about ten minutes until fully cooked.


In the last step of the American omelette method, put the omelette in the desired bowl after ten minutes and serve it with a little salsa.

Additional notes


1. The quantity of ingredients mentioned is suitable for one person.


2. You can eat this omelet as an appetizer or as a breakfast.


3. The time for preparing raw materials is about ten minutes, and the time for cooking and waiting is ten minutes.


In this article, you got to know the recipe for preparing a delicious and delicious American omelet, which we hope you will enjoy the taste of this delicious food to the fullest and spend good and happy moments with your family members. Click on the link to learn how to cook the omelet you want.

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