How to prepare Fasanjan broth with chicken and meat


How to prepare Fasanjan broth with chicken and meat

Are you someone who is interested in learning food preparation techniques and how to prepare the Fasanjan broth with chicken and meat to prepare this delicious soup? If you are familiar with midle east cuisine, then you should know that fasanjan broth is one of the most specialized stews, and you should pay attention to very important points when cooking it in order to prepare a firm and delicious fasanjan broth.

Learn how to prepare Fasanjan broth with chicken and meat

In this article, we will talk a little more about how to prepare Fesenjan and provide you with important information in this regard. In addition, we will also talk about the preparation of this delicious soup from Food Preparation Online, which can be very interesting to read.

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How to prepare Alfenjan with meat


Visingoon broth is considered one of the best dishes, which in are very interested in it, many tourists who enter the country are also interested in it. You can prepare this soup in different ways. In this section, we will teach you how to prepare Fungoon with Meat.


The way to prepare fesnjoon with meat is that first you have to grind the walnuts well using a food processor or a meat grinder and then put them on the flame to heat them well. Next, pour cold water over the hot nut and add pomegranate paste to it and stir it regularly. Mix the minced meat, onions, and spices together, make it into a ball, fry it a bit, and then add it to the vassangon broth. At the end of the work, you can also add a little sugar and hot onions to the boiling soup.

How to prepare Fasanjan broth with chicken

Fassingon stew is a soup that you can make in different ways. One of the ways to prepare fisingone is to use chicken meat. The way to make Fascinjon with chicken is that you first have to season the chicken with a little salt and pepper and then start frying both sides of the chicken. After removing the chicken, sauté the pickled onions with your favorite spices like turmeric and salt until the onions are soft. After that, add chopped walnuts to the onions and fry them well for 5 minutes.


Now it's time to add the pomegranate paste to this mixture and fry this mixture again for a short while. In the last part, you have to add the fried chicken to the mixture and stir it well so that it mixes with each other, and finally, by adding some water to the Fassingon stew, let the soup cook well. In the last half hour of cooking the soup, you can add some sugar and saffron to make the soup tastier.

Fesnjan soup cooking techniques

There are many techniques in how to prepare vasingone, through which you can make your vasingone broth more delicious.


  •      The first way is that you can add some crushed pistachios to the walnuts to give the soup a better taste.
  •      If you want to change up the sweetness or acidity of your fasingone broth, you can use sour pomegranate paste for your broth at first and then add a little sugar to your taste to make it sweeter.
  •      Use pumpkin and walnuts in a ratio of 60 to 40
  •      Grind the walnuts twice. Do not grind the walnuts. Grinding the walnuts makes the gravy non-greasy.
  •      The use of minced meat in Visenjan gives it a special taste and aroma
  •      To shock and lubricate the soup, add 1 cup of cold water after draining the soup
  •      Use a slightly darker nut
  •      Use 1 to 2 tablespoons of applesauce to add flavor to the gravy


These tips are among the golden techniques for cooking vasingone, and following them will help you make delicious vasingone stew.

How to prepare a Maglisi Fesenjan broth

The recipe for Fasanjan Majlis that we present to you in this section is one of the best recipes and this recipe has won many cooking competitions. To make Majlis Fesenjan, first grind the walnuts well and add them to your pot, then immediately add 2 cups of cold water to the pot. Make sure that the addition of the cold water is gradual, adding some cold water every few minutes until the walnuts have extracted the oil well.


After adding the oil to the nuts, let the stew settle for a bit and after 2 hours, add the spices including salt and turmeric to the soup. At this point, you can also add pomegranate paste to the soup. After three hours of cooking, it's time to add the chicken pieces to the Visingone broth, and if there is little water, add a little cold water to it again, and in the last minutes add some sugar and saffron according to your taste - add it to the soup and serve this delicious soup.

How many calories are in fesenjun?

Visingoon broth is one of the most delicious stews, and it is cooked in different ways. However, you should know that this soup is considered one of the most high-calorie foods, and every hundred grams of it contains approximately 264 calories, but the thing about this food and its fat is that most of the fat in it is considered nut fat from healthy fats and will not They cause you no problems and you can take them safely.

The finest types of walnuts for fesnjan broth


walnuts are usually considered the best nut for Vasangon broth, and in preparing Vasangon, they usually recommend using this nut in soup. In addition, to prevent the soup from becoming bitter, we advise you not to use fresh walnuts in the soup.

How to prepare fesenjun broth with chicken feathers

Another way to make vasingone stew is to use shaved chicken instead of whole chicken in this soup, which creates a fresh and wonderful taste in this soup. The way to prepare fenjun with shredded chicken is as follows: first, you must grind the walnuts well using a blender, then fry the onions until they become golden in color, then add the walnuts to this mixture, until its raw aroma is absorbed.


Next, shave the previously cooked chicken that has now cooled well and add the chicken broth to the walnuts. When the chicken broth starts to boil, add the blanched chicken to the soup, add salt, pepper and other desired seasonings and wait for the walnuts to secrete the oil. After about an hour, it's time to add the pomegranate paste to the soup and let the soup thicken well. At the end, you can add some saffron and sugar to the soup and then serve the soup.

How to prepare Fasanjan Siah Gilani stew


The people of Gilani are particularly interested in sour foods, and Vasingon Siah Gilani is one of the best and most famous Gilani dishes, which, in addition to the residents of this city, tourists entering this city must try. The way to prepare Northern Fasenjoon is that you must first place grated walnuts on the flame with a little water and pomegranate pickle so that the walnuts are well oiled.


After taking the raw nutty aroma well, you can use duck meat for better taste or other meat of your choice in the soup. Since the people of Gilani like the fasanjon to be black in color and with a sour taste, you must be careful that if the soup does not turn black after adding the pomegranate paste, you can heat an iron spoon on the fire and put it in the soup after the soup turns black, it is removed . You can also use eggplant to garnish this soup.

How to prepare Vasangan Tehrani broth


The method of preparing Fasanjan Pehrani is very similar to other tutorials that we have provided you in the previous sections on how to prepare Fasanjan with chicken or beef, and for this reason we refrain from making additional points. The point is that Tehran Fasanjan has a bad taste and you will not feel the acidity of Gilani and northern stews in any way in this stew. For this reason, it is recommended to add more sugar when adding saffron and sugar in the Fasanjan Tehrani recipe, so that the soup gets a bad taste.

Ways to lubricate the fasanjan


Today, there are different ways to add oil to fasanjan stew. Some people mistakenly think that they need to add more oil to the stew to make it fatter, which is very wrong, because by doing so, you are adding unhealthy fats to the soup.


One of the best ways to add oil to a fazenjoon stew is to use cold water first when adding water to the roasted nuts, and then gradually add cold water to the nuts. To do this, add some cold water to the walnuts every few minutes and stir well so that the walnuts release the oil well and you have a fatter and tastier fries.

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