Menu of 16 simple and cheap dishes for lunch and dinner


Menu of 16 simple and cheap dishes for lunch and dinner

Imagine a boring day when you come back from school and your mom has made a delicious aroma from the list of simple and cheap foods you always think of; The scent reached Seven Alleys. Apart from the magic of love that transforms this simple and effortless food into a delicious miracle, the cookery is full of this model of food that fits into the pocket of every class.


Having a list of cheap foods is a necessity in every kitchen; In fact, this simple and cheap list of foods is such a lifesaver that you don't keep asking the question, "What should I cook now?" Go to the kitchen, play Marj Sahar song by teacher Shajarian and prepare the next simple, cheap and tasty meal for lunch or dinner.

Menu of 17 simple and cheap dishes for lunch and dinner

Today is the day when you should choose one from the list of simple and cheap foods and prove to others that nutritious foods are not only made with expensive ingredients. Roll up your sleeves and create food that will color your table and its special taste will lift your soul.

1- Boils are cheap, nutritious and delicious

In addition to agriculture, the use of dairy products in the cuisine has been common since ancient times. One of these foods is boiled cabbage. A little hot onion and hot mint with spices, softened curd and a few walnuts will give you a good expression food. Click here to learn how to prepare 6 authentic and delicious soups.

2- Two onions. Shirazi food with minimal ingredients


It may be interesting to know that in southern cities and Shiraz, potatoes are called barqouq. In the list of simple and cheap foods in these regions, two plum onions are the real leaders. Mix boiled and chopped potatoes with hot onions and hot mint, and place pickles and hot bread next to them. It doesn't take much time and it doesn't require a lot of raw materials!

3- Pinto bean fodder. Strong and healthy


This time, when you're looking for cheap and healthy food, take a look at the jars of beans inside the cupboard. For a long time, pinto beans have been waiting for you in the dark of the cupboard to be included in the list of simple and cheap foods.


To prepare pinto bean feed, before doing anything, the beans must be soaked in water so that they do not swell and soften with water. Then, toss it in oil with softened naagini onions and add a little fried paste to it. Now you have a hearty meal that can be served with bread and rice. If you want it to be more aristocratic, add mushrooms to it.

4- A versatile omelette and a lifesaver


A spoonful of tomato paste, a little hot onion and an egg is enough to prepare this dish to complete the list of low-cost foods. Omelette is one of the popular foods for students that saved many of us on exam nights. In the article How to make an omelette with tomato paste, you will learn all the tricks and techniques for making a delicious omelette.

5- Pluton. Not a planet!


If you know the name Pluto as a planet, it's time to include it in your budget food list! boil some white rice and boil a ton of fish; Now you have a winning combo for preparing a quick lunch or dinner for the family. If you want the color of this dish to be less soulless, reduce the amount of rice and add a pinch of turmeric to it.

6- vegan cocoa; Game of taste and smell

After a tiring day at work, thinking about what to cook is downright cruel; Especially if you don't have a plan for it. In your list of low-cost foods, write coconut for such times.


To prepare it, take a packet of green cocoa leaves out of the refrigerator and add a little spice and a few eggs to it. If it is liquid, then you also need a spoonful of flour. Pour the oil into the bottom of the pan and when it gets hot it's time to pour in the sauce and give it time to cook. To make this dish cooler, you can put chopped walnuts in it.

7- Demi tomato. Original and passionate


Imagine a dinner table spread out on the patio with salad, yoghurt, greens and yoghurt. What is its complement? yes; It's the turn of tomato tail or tomato tail to complete the list of simple and cheap dishes. Fry onions, add potatoes and tomatoes, and cook with rice. Now you have one of the authentic dishes. A food some call istanbul, dimbaghtak, red rice, etc. Forget the name. The taste of this dish is very attractive!

8- My cat bellow report or a weekly report


For the mothers, Friday is one of those days when they have to take care of income and expenses and prepare delicious food for the family. Add to the rice the carrots forgotten in the corner of the fridge, the leftover chicken from the barberry pilaf, the peas in the freezer, and whatever else complements this dish. A dish from the list of low-cost foods that taste differently in every home

9- Economic eggplant curd


Whatever it is, eggplant curd is on the list of simple and cheap foods. Walnuts, eggplant, golden onions, hot mint and a little diluted curd are enough to cook this dish. Instead of frying the eggplant and using a lot of oil, you can use grilled eggplant to give it a unique smoky taste.

10- The lens is delicious and nourishing for the heart


Lentils are so nutritious that it is beneficial to eat them at any age; From school children to grandparents who love light food. If you add some potatoes to the mixture of cooked lentils, fried onions, and turmeric, it will taste even better.

11- Seraphage. A traveler from middle east


Maybe when you hear the name Siravaj, you think you're on the side of the list of simple and cheap Russian dishes; But this food belongs to northern. Fry some garlic leaves, add spices, and add eggs to it. Now you have an authentic Gilani dish.

12- Potato coco


Potatoes have a high potential to become a cheap food that should not be ignored. Mash the cooked potatoes and add some spices to it, then the eggs. Now you have a wonderful cocoa powder. Pour a little oil into the pan and fry the cocoa. A bit of chopped tomato, pickled cucumber, and herbs will complete your meal.

13- Mirza Qasimi, bright and shiny


From the list of simple and cheap northern dishes, Mirza Qasimi is one of the most delicious. Eggplant, tomatoes, fried onions, eggs, and spices are the main actors in this enticing scenario. In a short time, you will get a great result.

14- Narcissus. Attractive beauty


Spinach contains a lot of iron and must be included in our diet. To prepare food with these vegetables, you need to fry them a little. Fry the onions too. Gather the roasted spinach around the fire pit and crack an egg in the centre. Now you have an edible daffodil for lunch or dinner.

15- The orphan. the ratatouille


Chef Mouse won't pull your hair so you can whip up a fabulous meal for the New York Times food critic! Yatimcheh from the list of simple and cheap foods will be just like ratatouille.


Arrange the eggplant, tomatoes, pumpkin, potatoes, and onion rings in the skillet and pour the sauce over them. After cooking, you have a simple and cheap meal. If you like, you can just pour the ingredients into the pot without asking.

16- Yıralma Yumurtay


When crossing the Hiran Pass and entering Ardabil Province, you must experience Yeralma Yomurta along with Sarshir and Asal to complete your journey. You can also add it to your budget food list. Put boiled eggs and potatoes on lavash bread and mash it. Then add some onions, chopped parsley and pepper to it. Now you have a great meal!

17- Summer Cucumber Butter

There is no doubt that this food deserves globalization! On a hot summer afternoon, the mixture of yoghurt, cucumber, a little flower and salt with water and a little buttermilk will quench your thirst. If you like, you can add some walnuts and raisins to this dish for a yogurt cooler

Some practical tricks for a simple and cheap menu

     In order to make simple and quick meals, it's best to have some cooked beans in the freezer beforehand so you don't spend a lot of time on them.

     Make a list of simple dishes and stick it on the fridge door and on days of cooking confusion, pick one up quickly.

     Always keep eggs and potatoes in the house; Because it is the basic base for cooking many simple and cheap dishes.


Do you have experience cooking any of these dishes? Do you think there is another food on this list that we haven't mentioned? Share your experience and opinions with others at the end of this article to complete the list of simple and cheap foods in this article.

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