Please don't eat that part of the chicken!


 Please don't eat that part of the chicken!

Families consume parts of chicken such as wings, neck, heart, liver, gizzard, skin, tail, and feet, but some parts of chicken should not be eaten due to serious side effects.

If you eat this part of the chicken, serious consequences await you

One of the most consumed foods in our country is chicken, as it can be used to prepare various and delicious dishes. Apart from the main parts of chicken, some people also consume its various parts such as wings, neck, heart, liver, giblets, skin, tail, and feet, but eating some parts of chicken is harmful to health. In this part of Namanak Health, we will tell you which part of chicken is dangerous for you to use and will lead to many complications for you.

chicken skin defects


1. The skin contains a lot of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, and it is also high in calories, so it causes excess weight and other serious diseases.


2. In order to maintain the health of the growing chickens, medicines are injected with antibiotics as a nutritional supplement. These antibiotics are stored in the skin of the chicken and consumption of this part of the chicken weakens the immune system.


3. Heavy metals, toxins and pesticides that enter chicken food along with barley and corn seeds are deposited in chicken skin and increase the incidence of cancerous tumors.


4. Unfortunately, in order to make the chicken grow faster, hormones are injected into it, and these hormones are similar to the sex hormones in men and women equally, causing problems such as excessive hair growth, pimples, and ovarian cysts in women, causing acne: problems occur Serious skin diseases and a lack of sex hormones in men and cause weight gain in children.

Disadvantages of chicken tail


Some people use chicken tail. This part of chicken is considered harmful to all people due to its high fat content, and its consumption causes complications such as cardiovascular disease, increased blood fat, high blood cholesterol, and so on.

Disadvantages of eating chicken feet


Chicken feet contain cartilaginous parts, and according to nutrition experts, chicken feet soup is a source of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A and D, which are useful for repairing damaged cartilage and treating osteoporosis. These experts recommend eating chicken feet once or twice. It is considered harmful in the month of bela, but consuming it more than once or twice a month causes tissue inflammation in people.

Some experts also believe that chicken feet do not contain much protein value and are not a cartilage-building agent. Chicken legs are high in saturated fat and people who are overweight and have diabetes should not use this part of the chicken.

Disadvantages of using gravel


Some people use stone instead of meat, but the amount of cadmium, lead and chromium is high and meat cannot be substituted. Sandalwood contains a high level of cholesterol, so its consumption is harmful for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, high blood lipids, and gout.

Chicken liver damage


The liver is an organ that, in addition to storing nutrients, is the place of accumulation and neutralization of toxins, hormones, pollen vaccines and all kinds of injectable antibiotics and oral antibiotics due to various enzymes.


In our country, although chicken farms do not use hormones due to lack of funds, they use antibiotics and chemical drugs to control infectious diseases and control parasitic and viral diseases that affect poultry. If these drugs are injected into the chicken 24-48 hours before slaughter, the animal liver will not have the opportunity to clean and get rid of the accumulated harmful substances, and the drug is deposited in the chicken liver and is harmful to health, so consuming chicken liver causes various complications such as cancer, mutations, poisoning, allergies and resistance Medicines for some types of antibiotics.

Side effects of using chicken wings

The wings and neck are the place where the vaccine is injected into the poultry, but due to the high rate of absorption of the injected substances into these organs, it does not last long, but some experts consider it harmful to eat these parts of the poultry. chicken. The chicken neck is also the place where the vaccine is injected, and nerve tissue and many lymph nodes pass through this part, because the inner canal of the chicken's neck cannot be opened.

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