The Pearl Island in Qatar


The Pearl Island in Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar Island (The Pearl) is located in the city of Doha, Qatar, and at the mouth of West Bay Lagoon, or rather, Benit.


This pearl-like island has an area of 400 hectares. Whatever we say about the luxury of this island is still not enough. All kinds of villas, shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment centers can be seen on this island, which you have only seen in modern European cities. When you enter The Pearl-Qatar, you will not think that you are in an Asian country.

All about the pearl island in qatar


The Pearl Island in Qatar is an artificial man-made island that many tourists travel to visit this island by obtaining a Qatar visa because of the facilities and entertainment that are built on it.


Qatar, which is now one of the richest countries in the world, built the magnificent Pearl Island by relying on its oil revenues, and in this way doubled the income of its country. The Pearl Island was built in 2004 by order of the Emir of Qatar and has managed to present itself among the top attractions in the world. The Pearl Island took 14 years to build and finally opened in 2018 in a completely modern way. Most of the inhabitants of this island are immigrants who traveled to Qatar.


The Pearl Island in Qatar itself consists of 10 other small islands, if you travel to Europe, you will realize that each one of these islands is like one of the European islands. Spain, France and Mediterranean coastal towns are some of the cities inspired by the Pearl Islands.

Scenes from the artificial pearl island in Qatar


You can't travel to Qatar and not visit the Pearl Island, even if you don't travel to other cities in Qatar, I think you haven't missed anything!


The sights of Qatar and The Pearl-Qatar are inexhaustible. But if you travel to The Pearl Island on a Qatar visa, spend a few days exploring this island.

Floresta Park


When traveling to the Pearl Island in Qatar, be sure to visit Floresta Garden. Floresta Garden covers about 15 hectares of the entire Pearl Island, and the population of this island is only 5,000. The Mediterranean style of this island is clearly visible. 10 residential towers, 115 villa complexes and Floresta Galleria shopping mall have been built in this area. If you are traveling to Qatar with your family and kids, don't worry, there is also a big playground for kids.

Costa Malaz (Costa Malaz)

If you are looking for luxury beach villas with sea view, don't miss out on Costa Malad Beach. The Costa neighborhood is a secluded area of Pearl Island that stands out on the island with its gorgeous beach hotels and villas.


Beach facilities in this area are abundant, from beach restaurants and cafes to public beaches and VIP beaches. One of the attractions of Kustomulaz is that while you are enjoying the view of the beach next to the beach, the heat of the air also provides you with a pleasant atmosphere.

Quartier towers


The Abraj neighborhood is the place of commerce and major trading companies for The Pearl Island. You can see the tallest towers in Qatar in this area. The tall towers where you can enjoy a unique view of the Persian Gulf by standing on the highest floor. There are two 42-storey buildings on this 201-meter-high island, which provide complete facilities, including parking and commercial offices, for businessmen.

Perlita Park


Perlita Park is located in the south of the central city and is a green and quiet area. In this park, you can see a group of spacious and luxurious residential homes and villas in the area.


Isn't it great to reside in a green and peaceful environment in the heart of a tropical and desert country? By staying in this area, you have good access to shopping malls and amenities.

Isola Dana


Isola Dana is one of the most special places to visit in the world. This island has an area of about 2 hectares and has 9 independent islands. It is the largest and most private residential area in The Pearl-Qatar. Ioladana Island is the main jewel of the Pearl Island.


The Pearl Island in Qatar has countless beaches that offer all kinds of amenities and tourism to the travellers. The villas located on the shores of this island are luxurious and European and provide you with a unique stay.


The name of this region is derived from the Spanish word for island and the name of the rarest and most expensive pearl in the world.

Porto Arabia

Another major port of the Pearl Island is Porto Arabia, which includes modern and luxury stores, the best commercial brands, the best hotels in Qatar and all kinds of commercial, residential units, penthouses and office apartments, making it one of the most efficient ports. Only on the island.. The Pearl is also known in the State of Qatar.

Stay on Qatar Island


The most famous hotels in the world have branches on this island.

One of the most famous hotels in the world is the Hilton with such facilities


  •      Indoor and outdoor pool
  •      Deluxe rooms
  •      Body building club
  •      And the best amenities


It is one of the hotels that stand out in the Pearl Island.


Kempinski Residence, Sedra Arjan Residence, Cafe Arabesque Restaurant and Toro Tovo Restaurant are some of the places you can choose to stay or dine and complete the memories of your trip to Qatar.

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